COMM 343 – Graphic Novel

Software: Adobe Photoshop and ComicLife

The Graphic Novel course allows students to develop their own graphic novel using software.  My graphic novel follows the adventure of three teenagers as they try to find a legendary ghost, but one of teenager experiences something he never expects.  I decided to make my background blue for present day scenes and gray for flashback scenes to keep a dark and eerie feel.  Another technique I took advantage of was using a strong picture as the background because the picture cannot be contained within the frame.  Finally, I was able to use Adobe Photoshop to make a ghostly image.  Please review my graphic novel entitled, “The Tale of Old Man Shelton“. 


COMM 406 – Advertising and Imagery

The Advertising and Imagery course allows students to explore the advertising world by analyzing different advertisements and eventually designing their own.  After finding and analyzing several print advertisements, students were instructed to develop their own ads for a new product:  the Gotcha!.  This product is a new cell phone for “tweeen” aged children, which allows them to design and customize their phones.  Students were instructed to develop three advertisements in one campaign.  One ad had to be focused toward females, one towards males, and one to either gender.  After developing the advertisements, students analyzed their ads.  For my advertisements, I focused on attracting attention by using bright colors and kept consistency by using key phrase in each advertisement.

Gotcha! Unisex AdGotcha Female Ad  Gotcha Male Ad

Gotcha Unisex Ad

Gotcha Female Ad

Gotcha! Male Ad

COMM 203: Communication and New Media

C0mmunication and New Media course allows students to explore several different aspects of the subject.  One main function is to serve as an introduction of communication and new media to students.  Thus, students gain a well-rounded view of many different aspects the field encompasses.  One assignment in the course is to develop a short graphic novel.  Before this development can happen, though, students are expected to create a character/narrative analysis of one of the main characters.  I developed a graphic novel called “The Three Little People”.  The basis premise is that of the popular children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs”.  When three short brothers move to the beach on his own, only one prepares his house properly for an impending tornado.

The Three Little People

Advertisement Analysis

Narrative Analysis

Final Exam