COMM 348 – News Practicum

The News Practicum course allows students the opportunity to find, record, and edit news stories.  The first story I created involved Judy McIntyre, the director of the common reading at Shepherd University.  After being given a short clip of an interview with her, I wrote a story and edited it together with her pre-recorded interview.  I also developed a story about the National Association of Veterinary Technicians and Vickey Bullett, an Olympic basketball player, from pre-recorded interviews.  At the end of the semester, I decided to interview the SGA President about being more involved in Shepherd University and his future plans to join the Peace Corps. after graduation.  After interviewing him, I wrote a story, recorded my own voice, and edited it together.  The podcasts recorded follow the written scripts provided.

For WSHC news, I’m Ashley Laspina.  Judy McIntyre works at Shepherd University as the director of the First Year Experience Program and the Common Reading Program.  The Common Reading Program democratically selects a book each year and encourages the campus and the community to become involved by reading the book and attending many other activities.  The book “This I Believe” was chosen for this year’s common reading.

“This particular book is a series of essays based on the NPR Program “This I Believe” and any one of the eighty some odd essays that are in here has a kernel, a core of something that can be discussed somewhere.  It brings you together over that idea.”

Mrs. McIntyre encourages all individuals to read “This I Believe” and to become involved in the Common Reading Program by attending activities are just starting a discussion.  This is Ashley Laspina for WSHC news.

Judy McIntyre Story

For WSHC news, I’m Ashley Laspina.  Sandy Sponougle is the owner of Platinum PR in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and the director of communications for the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.  Each year veterinary technicians are recognized in the third week of October by this organization.  Veterinary technicians play a vital part in keeping pets healthy by assisting the veterinarian.

“They would be there to meet with the client, meet with the pet owner, do an initial history, initial assessment of what challenges or just as a preventative health checkup and again would be there to assist the veterinarian, whether it be drawing blood, assisting them in surgery, administering anesthesia, anything along those lines is what the technician would do”.

As the appreciation week for veterinary technicians approaches, remember the important job they have in keeping pets healthy and happy.  This is Ashley Laspina for WSHC news.

Sandy Sponougle Story

For WSHC news, I’m Ashley Laspina.

Vicky Bullett is a Martinsburg-native who formerly played professional woman’s basketball.  She was recently honored at Knoxville, Tennessee for her achievements on the basketball court.

“It was amazing, an emotional rollercoaster because I had my family there, I knew I had to give a speech which is one of my pet peeves.  I’m not very comfortable speaking in front of a public crowd but you get used to it and this was a moment that everybody understands what you’ve done for women’s basketball and they’re honoring you for it.  So, it was a proud moment.  I’m glad my family was able to be a part of it.  My coach from Maryland was able to be a part of it and it’s just a symbol of the recognition.  It wasn’t given to me, I had to work hard for it and I took the steps to do so.”

Although her basketball career may be over, Bullett continues to receive recognition for the hard work she did to pave the way for Women’s Professional Basketball.

This is Ashley Laspina for WSHC news.

Vickey Bullett Story

For WSHC news, I’m Ashley Laspina.  Michael Bailey is the SGA President at Shepherd University and is a senior who will be graduating this spring.  Although he has many responsibilities as SGA President, Michael is doing quite a lot to prepare for his life after graduation.  Once he graduates, his current plans are to join the Peace Corp.

“At this point I just sent in my medical evaluation and dental evaluation so I’m waiting to be medically and dentally cleared.  I’ve legally cleared and after that I will have another interview with a placement officer in which they will decide my country and my exact assignment and when exactly I’ll leave.”

Nothing is final yet, but once Michael is cleared to join the Peace Corp. and has graduated he will probably start his work with an agricultural assignment in Africa.  He is very excited and looking forward to making a difference in the world.  This is Ashley Laspina for WSHC news.

For WSHC news, I’m Ashley Laspina.  Michael Bailey is the Student Government Association President at Shepherd University and is a senior this year.  He understands the importance of being involved on campus and encourages all students to become more involved with the SGA.

“The easiest way would be to join an organization on campus that is recognized by Shepherd and then become your organization’s liaison between SGA and then you attend weekly meetings.  We have weekly meetings that are open to all students on Tuesdays at 4:45 in the Storer Ballroom.  The only thing is if you come you are able to sit in but you aren’t able to vote, you don’t have a voting seat.”

All students are able to become involved in the SGA, but the level of involvement is up to the individual.  The SGA works together with other organizations to help produce the best campus possible.  This is Ashley Laspina for WSHC news.

WSHC Stories


COMM 329 – Sound Design

The Sound Design course allows students to explore the art of sound design by assigning students tasks that involve all different types of sound and software.  For the podcast project, I completed a podcast with another individual.  I created a mock situation and we acted as reporters for an exciting football game.  The podcast lasted for several minutes and encapsulated the last several minutes of the game, with the winning touchdown in the last few seconds.  The podcast follows the written script provided.  After recording the podcast, I worked with different software to maintain sound levels and add special effects, like music at the beginning and the crowd cheering after the miraculous touchdown.

A: And we’re back, Minnesota set to receive the kickoff after Greg Jennings touchdown put the Packers up 21-16 with 14 seconds left to play and only 1 timeout.

R: Well, Ashley it was a beautiful throw from Aaron Rogers to put this game out of reach.

A: Well, baring a miracle, it looks like the Vikings will be left home from the playoffs.

R: But the Vikings do have 14 seconds and the very dangerous Percy Harvin back to receive the kick.

A:  And Crosby set up to kick off and kicks it deep.  He booms it out of the end zone.

R: Well that kind of squashes any hope of Percy Harvin returning the kick but they still have 14 seconds to get something done from their own 20.

A:  Luckily for the Packers that Crosby has such a strong leg that Harvin couldn’t even touch the ball.  Here comes Christain Ponder and the Minnesota offense.

R: They are lining up in an empty set with 5 wide receivers with Percy Harvin out wide to the right.  Ponder in the shotgun takes the snap.  He fires an out pattern to Jerome Simpson and he steps out of bounds at the 33 yard line, a gain of 13 on the play.

A: Well that was quick, only 4 seconds off the clock.  It’s good to see that most of the crowd is still in their seats.  Looks like nobody has left to go home yet.  Vikings fans really have some faith in their team.

R: Well, they do have some electrifying weapons with Percy Harvin and Jerome Simpson so this game isn’t over until there are 3 zeros on the clock.

A: Now Minnesota has a first and ten at there own 33, they line up again in the 5 wide set.

R:  With 10 seconds left and 1 time out Minnesota is probably going to try to get farther down the field to then heave one into the end zone.  And the Packers have their sub package on the field with 7 defensive backs to counter this 5-receiver set.

A: Ponder in the shotgun again, takes the snap.  The Packers bring a 3-man rush and Ponder fires a dart down the seam to Kyle Rudolph and is tackled at their own 47-yard line for a 14-yard gain.  And there’s the time out with 2 seconds remaining.

R: Well, the Vikings got themselves into a position now to heave one into the end zone.  This is where the height of Jerome Simpson and Michael Jenkins can be an advantage over the Packer’s shorter defensive backs.

A: Yeah Ryan, the Vikings have a chance with a jump ball but if you’re the Packers you need to try to knock this ball down because crazy things can happen.

R: Well, the Vikings really could use Randy Moss right now.  The Packers have 6 defenders back shadowing their own goal line, fully expecting a Hail Mary.

A: Ponder in the 5 wide set again takes the snap out of the shotgun.  The Vikings only shot is to go to the end zone.

R: The Packers only rush 2, Ponder scrambling around trying to buy time and he steps into it and heaves it down the field.  His receivers are down there and it is deflected and caught by Michael Jenkins!!!!  Oh my God, how did he catch it?!?!?

A: Michael Jenkins caught it!  It’s a miracle; it’s a miracle in the metro dome!!!!  There are no flags!  Minnesota is going to the playoffs!!!  Jenkins is being mobbed in the end zone; the Viking players and fans are going wild!

R: What a finish!  Vikings will welcome Atlanta for the wild-card playoffs next Sunday.  Can you believe that?

A: For Ryan, I’m Ashley.  We will see you here next week for the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Minnesota Vikings.  Stay tune for the post game show with Johnny Lison.