COMM 403 – Media Studies

The Media Studies course allows students to discover the many different aspects of new media, including narative analysis, character analysis, feminism analysis, advertisement analysis, and psychoanalysis.  Because I am a Psychology minor, the psychoanalysis portion of the class specifically interested me.  Students were instructed to choose a fictional or real character and perform a psychoanalysis on that character, following certain ideas and topics.  I choose to perform the psychoanalysis on Stewie from the animated show “Family Guy”.  His character is very complex and interesting so he was the perfect candidate.  In addition to the psychoanalysis, I choose to do the character analysis on the hit television show “Criminal Minds” because the juxtaposition between the protagonist, Aaron Hotchner, and his archenemy and antagonist, The Reaper, is very interesting.  I delved into their psychology, sociology, and physicality, their functions, their temperaments, and their significance.

Feminism Project


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