Cultural Event 5: A Good Day to Die Hard

     Several weeks ago, I attended a viewing of the popular movie, “A Good Day to Die Hard“.  Although it was not my first choice of movies to attend, nothing else interested me much and I was in the mood for a good action movie.  I have not seen all of the “Die Hard” movies, but I have seen bits and pieces of some and I was sure I was in for a exciting, action-packed movie with great special effects and a cheesy story line.  Plus, I am a Bruce Willis fan and he is the star of the movies.

A Good Day to Die Hard

     Overall, the movie was filled with mostly action and a small amount of dialogue.  The movie is mainly set in Russia and at the empty Chernobyl plant.  The main character, John McClane has to team up with his son, who he has never really known, to save the world from the disastrous plot unfolding at Chernobyl.  As suspected, the movie was action-packed, but it was also heartwarming.  It was nice to see McClane work with and develop a relationship with the son he never knew.  By the end of the movie, the pair reconciled their differences and worked well together.  And, of course, in the end, the protagonists and heros won and saved the day.  Before I saw the movie, I did not give the story line enough credit.  Even though the movie mainly focused on the action, it was able to reveal a lot about the father-son relationship through action and other clues, instead of just dialogue.  It was easy to feel for the protagonists and cheer them on to their victory.


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