Capstone Cultural Event 3: Eugene B. Smith Art Gallery

Bodie Lighthouse

     As one of my cultural events for my Communications Capstone class, I decided to visit an art gallery in Winchester, called the Eugene B. Smith Gallery.  When I walked into the gallery, many paintings were displayed on the wall.  The paintings consisted of mostly scenic pictures and flowers in all different seasons.  They were truly beautiful, watercolored pieces.  The artist, Eugene Smith, came out to greet me when I arrived.  He showed me around the gallery and confessed that he had hand painted all of the pieces.  Along with pictures all of sizes, he also had postcards for sale.  As I was speaking with the artist, I discovered that he actually graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Business Administration.  His artistic talent helps to keep his business thrive, but the skills and tools he learned in school assist the success of his business, too.  After finding something in common with the artist, I was able to better connect with him.  The rest of our conversation was effortless.  Once I was finally able to finish looking around the gallery, one particular painting stood out to me.  This painting was of a lighthouse that I have actually seen before!  When I was younger, I lived in North Carolina.  Each summer my family would explore new lighthouses at the Outer Banks.  He had painted one of the lighthouses I used to visit with my family.  Bodie Lighthouse is located on Pea Island in Rodanthe, North Carolina.  Eugene revealed that he visits the lighthouse often.

The Eugene B. Smith Gallery

     My experience at the art gallery was unique.  I am not very artistically inclined, so I am always fascinated by artists.  However,  I am normally attracted to bright and flashy colors.  Being inspired and seeing such beauty in the watercolors was a new experience for me.  The watercolors were refreshing and subtle, yet able to keep my attention.  I even hope to return one day to the gallery to buy some pieces!  It was also pleasant to know that he also attended Shepherd and was doing so well for himself.


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