Final Capstone Preparations

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     After working on my Capstone project for several weeks, I have finished my deliverables for the project and need to spend time revising this social media plan.  In addition, I will spend the rest of the semester actually following the plan.  Developing a board design and the information displayed on the board is another task I need to complete within the next several weeks.  My initial idea for the board is a simple white background with the logo I created on the background.  The last piece of my Capstone deliverables that I completed this past week was an executive summary.  Basically, the executive summary is the paper that will be at the beginning of my social media plan.  It is a brief summary of my plan, addressing all of the different parts.  This step is necessary so someone can easily understand the point of the social media plan and decide to read through the entire plan if needed.  Since this summary does not include any new information, it was rather simple to write.  I basically pulled a few key sentences from each individual piece.  However, I need my director to read over it so I can ensure it is understandable and well-written.  After the plan is revised, I will develop a table of contents and construct one document with page numbers and each piece of the plan.  I am excited to see my plan come together in one document!
     So, after working hard and spending much time on my Capstone project, tomorrow I will be presenting my project to the Communication Department professors for evaluation.  I am looking forward to receiving feedback and useful advice to make my project the best that it can possibly be.  I am confident in my project, but understand that I can always make it better.  Not only will a better project reflect best on the Communications Department, but a better project will be more likely to impress my boss at Force Recruiting and Consulting.  In addition, this project is something that I can keep for personal records and show potential future employers actual work I have completed.  Overall, I am very satisfied with my Capstone project choice and am excited to share all of my hard work with the department professors!  


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