Capstone Capstone and More Capstone!

     As I am completing my social media plan for Force Recruiting and Consulting, I am at the point where I am developing a calendar to follow for posting.  Although I have spent much time researching other organizations’ social media uses and have developed different strategies, and tactics to achieve specific objectives, my Capstone director suggested that I develop a content calendar.  This calendar will give me a general idea of the type of content I will share each day.  This consistency will allow viewers to consciously or unconsciously realize the pattern I am following and it will give them expectations.  For instance, I want Monday to be a day for inspiration and Thursday to be a day for interviews.  Although inspiration may not always directly give my audience job finding advice, it can give someone encouragement and interesting information.  A story about fifty incredibly successful people who failed at first is a great example of the type of inspirational messages I want to share on Monday.  I will share stories on Thursday that involve different interview techniques, tips, advice, or anything else involving interviews.  Also, I decided to blog every first and third Wednesday of each month.  Although my content sharing calendar is mostly complete, I will spend the next couple of days creating a two month blog schedule.  My blog schedule is more difficult to complete because it is much more specific.  While I create this schedule, I need to focus on being creative and brainstorming potentially interesting and useful blog topics.  However, once I create this schedule, blogging for the next two months will be much easier!

     In addition to creating my schedules, I have been following my social media plan and implementing it.  Fortunately, I am gaining more and more followers on Twitter!  However, my Facebook likes have been at a standstill for several days now.  I have some great opportunities in the future to share the Facebook and Twitter pages with clients, though.  I am excited about these opportunities and am confident that they will yield results.  Overall, I am satisfied with the progress I have made this far.  Although it has been a lot of work and I have spent much time and energy into this project, it is a great experience to see my hard work pay off.  It is also exciting for me because even after I complete my Capstone project, I will be able to use my completed project to continue with Force Recruiting and Consulting’s social media.  With the help of my director, I am even able to actually impress my boss! 

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