Capstone Advancements

Force’s Website

     This past week has been a monumental one for my capstone project.  I have finally finished my social media plan for Force Recruiting and Consulting and have been implementing it.  In addition to completing my social media plan, I have successfully published Force’s website and written the first blog post!  As part of my social media plan, I will be publishing the first post this upcoming week and sharing it on all forms of our social media, including Facebook and Twitter.  From this point forward, I plan on blogging every other week for Force Recruiting and Consulting.  Even though I want to blog more frequently, every other week is the most realistic approach to blogging.  If my blogging is successful, which I have no doubt that it will not be, I am hoping to blog once a week within the next several months.  Then, I hope to eventually blog two to three times a week.  So far, the Facebook and Twitter pages have been rather successful at obtaining a following.  However, I need to focus my attention on more interaction with our followers.  Following my social media plan will assist me in obtaining this interaction.
     Developing the social media plan was not an easy task, and it even seemed overwhelming for me, at times.  However, actually implementing the plan is incredibly exciting!  I have been patiently waiting this entire semester to actually implement my plan.  Although I did not always want to do the hard work of developing the plan, I have always understood the importance of it.  The research and written plan are essential portions of any social media plan.  I gained some incredibly important insights into successful social media for small businesses.  In addition, I have gained a lot of great knowledge about social media in general.  With the popularity of social media, this vital knowledge may even give me an edge in my job search some day.  Luckily, many of my initial ideas and thoughts I had about social media seem to coincide with the research I have conducted.  Overall, though, actually seeing my plan in action makes me proud.  I am excited to see the successfulness of my plan over the next several months and will be willing to make any necessary changes to improve it.


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