Capstone Progress!

Example of a SWOT analysis

     After working on my capstone project for several weeks, I am excited about the progress I have made.  In fact, I have almost completely put my social media plan together.  This next week I am focusing on fixing it up and making it as perfect as I can.  Since I have completed all of the separate parts of the media plan, including a company overview, competitor analysis, audience personas, SWOT analysis, key messages, communication analysis, and objectives, strategies, and tactics, I need to compile a consistent document.  Out of the entire social media plan, I enjoyed developing the SWOT analysis the most.  It allowed me to think about Force Recruiting and Consulting in a new and productive way.  I was able to analyze the many internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats of the company.  In fact, I believe that the SWOT analysis is one of the most important aspects of my social media plan.  It allows me to focus on specific aspects, either negative or positive and internal or external, of my company and strategize around them.  I decided to highlight the opportunities and weaknesses of Force Recruiting and Consulting in my social media plan.  Force has many external opportunities to explore, but also has some key weaknesses that has the potential to hinder the company.  Focusing the social media plan around the opportunities and weaknesses benefit Force the most.
     In addition to the SWOT analysis, developing the key messages and objectives was a new and rewarding experience.  With some help from my advisor, I was able to develop Force’s key messages by deciding the company’s most important parts.  These messages display the ideas in which Force stands.  The objectives were somewhat harder to develop than the key messages.  The objectives are the different things that I want to accomplish through social media.  Then, the strategies are more specific and the tactics are the ways in which I will accomplish my objectives.  Since I have already developed my social media plan, I am focusing on putting it together and doing more research to figure out the content for my social media.  I am really excited to finally start developing content and watching the results!


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