Capstone Progress

     As I am continuing to work on my capstone project, I am realizing just how much work and time I have to dedicate to it!  Thus far, I have completed some initial research that will really drive my social media plan to success.  I recently completed a social media competitor audit, an overview of my company, and  audience personas.  For the social media competitor audit, I spent a great deal of time reviewing and analyzing other recruiting firm’s social media.  After careful consideration, I noticed several trends that seemed to be helping this field’s social media, but I also noticed certain aspects that seemed to be detrimental.  For instance, the most successful company’s on social media, like Aerotek, are developing their own content to share, sharing other’s content, posting job openings, and interacting with others.  On the other hand, one company lacked in their branding by using different employees as their profile pictures instead of a logo.  I learned quickly that consistency is important for branding.  In addition to the social media competitor audit, the company overview consisted of a brief synopsis of the company and a brief history.  Finally, the audience personas consisted of information about the types of individuals who would be considered the audience of our social media sites.  For example, individuals with mid level specific technical skills interested in changing jobs would be considered as part of our audience.
     After compiling all of this information, I am close to developing my social media plan and then eventually implementing it.  Although I initially felt that this would be the most boring and monotonous part of my project, I am really starting to understand its importance and have learned so much.  Even though I am not quite at the point to develop my plan, I already have several ideas.  However, I need to do more research and find some more expert ideas in successfully using social media for a business.  I am currently working on developing an analysis of our current social media and goals for our social media.  Once I finish this aspect of my project, I will be able to create specific strategies and tactics to utilize those strategies.  So, I am extremely close to being able to start implementing my plan and see results, which is incredibly exciting!  Overall, I have a lot more work to do; however, I am well on my way to successfully completing my project.


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