Capstone Research, Writing, and Progressions

Content Rules

     As I am patiently waiting for my copy of “Content Rules” to come so I can really focus on the social media plan I will propose to my boss, I am working on creating a social media field analysis, a company overview, and an audience persona.  The social media field analysis will contain the information that I found from researching and examining other recruiting agencies utilizing social media.  The company overview will contain information about Force Recruiting and Consulting, including the mission and vision of the company, the background and history of the company, and a description of the company’s services.  Finally the audience persona will include information about the individuals who will be the subject of the company’s online presence.  For my company, our audience is generally middle to senior level professionals with technical skills who are interested in changing jobs.
     In addition to developing these crucial pieces of information for my project, I am also working on the company’s website and blog.  Ultimately, I want to be able to share blog updates on the website and on all of the social media sites, too.  I have developed the majority of the content and am now focusing on the layout and structure of the website.  I even plan on publishing the website next week!  Also, over the next month I plan on publishing two blog posts.  I am very excited about writing blogs and using different resources to assist me in writing appropriate content.  Overall, I am looking forward to really delving into different resources to assist me in developing my social media plan.  However, I must begin my plan with the necessary elements to complete the social media plan.


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