Last Impressions

As the final days of my internship are here, I am very pleased with the way the semester has gone so far.  I’m even sad to have to leave!  It will be somewhat strange to not be in the office a couple of times a week after this week.  I have learned a lot and even gained some friends and future references for potential jobs.  Platinum PR is definitely a place that I would enjoy working at after my internship.  Hopefully, in the future I will be able to find employment with the same friendly but productive atmosphere as Platinum PR.  Interning here has been a unique experience and gives me a lot of hope that I will be able to find employment doing something I genuinely enjoy after graduation.  Also, I would be glad to recommend this internship to anyone else too.  In fact, one of my friends has actually secured an internship for the spring.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.  Although I am sad to leave, I am more focused on the different experiences I had here.  Some experiences were fun and some were more challenging but all of my experiences taught me something different.  I am very  happy that I had this opportunity and look forward to gaining more.


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