First iPad Ideas for Environmental Game


     When deciding which content to select for the iPad game I am expected to develop and story board out, I am choosing the most interesting content (in my opinion anyway).  Thus, this will create the most interesting and fun game.  Our first assignment in class was to construct an unique and creative game to inspire learning in fourth graders dealing with specific environmental objectives.  My group constructed a simple board game outlying different environments and stressing the different food groups.  My plan for my iPad game is to use some of the same ideas but construct a touch screen, Internet and gamer friendly alternative version of the board game.  I want to utilize some of the ideas from the board game, but will have to develop new, more appropriate ideas to successfully make the game.

Words With Friends

     So, when developing an iPad game, out of the different objectives that I could chose from, the food chain is the most appealing to me.  In addition to the food chain, I may like to include extra information objectives as well to add different aspects to the game.  This type of information includes contamination and other fun things about different environments and their specific food chains.  My ultimate goal is for players to have an opportunity to gain a lot of information on several different but related topics.  Adding in different information about environments will add more of a fun element.  Using realistic and vivid graphics will allow players to feel like they are really in the game.

     Finally, after doing some research about the top iPad games and playing different games, I find that the games that provide the must fun are the ones that allow for the most player to player interaction.  Utilizing the Internet to allow players to actually play against other real players may be the most fun for players.  Personally, the games I stick with the longest are the ones where I play others, such as Words With Friends.  Keeping this in mind, at times, iPad players may not have access to the Internet all of the time or may not choose to use that feature.  Therefore, I want to create a game that allows for players to play with others but also have a version of the game without having to use the Internet.  Also, I want to offer other shorter, mini games that encourage learning.  Although I am not sure how I will completely transform my board game into an iPad game, I have some starting ideas to develop the game and will continue to develop the game.


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