Learning Vocus at My Internship


One of the best skills I have acquired over the course of my internship at Platinum PR this far is learning the software Vocus.  Vocus is an incorporation that provides over 120,000 businesses with cloud marketing software.  Vocus offers software for public relations and marketing.  Although I have never used the marketing side of Vocus and am unsure of the differences and similarities to the public relations side, I have been able to use the public relations side.  From my experiences, Vocus allows users to search media contacts by name, location, outlet, specific subject of reporting, and many other qualifications.  Contact information is included with the media contact as well as additional information that may be useful to the user.  For example, if a particular media outlet does not like to be emailed then the additional information section may inform a user of that.  Then, once a list is comprised, mass emails or individual emails can be sent out to the media outlets.  Vocus is a great tool for public relation specialists who are producing press releases and pitches.  A specific group of outlets can be reach by doing some research and their contact information is given as well.  In addition to all of the wonderful things Vocus can do (and I’m sure there are many more than I just described), its headquarters are in Maryland and it offers jobs in Maryland, North Carolina, and even in other countries.  Thus, it is a great opportunity to find a job, which I am incredibly worried about after I graduate in Spring 2013.  It looks like a pretty nice place to work and the company keeps growing too.  Another great Vocus tool is that it offers free online training sessions so users can learn the software thoroughly.  I have yet to take the online class, but am planning to do so.  This way I can learn all of the benefits of functions of Vocus.  Overall, I feel that my experiences with Vocus will make me more marketable in the future.  The more skills and experiences I have, the more impressive my resume looks!


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