Middle Impressions of My Internship

Social Media

As I continue to work more and more at my internship, I am learning many new and useful things.  So far, I have done basic office tasks, such as inputting data into an excel spreadsheet to find averages.  In addition, I have been able to do other things that are more related to public relations, such as pitching and working with social media.  So far, my favorite thing that I have accomplished is the work I have done with social media.  I have learned how to schedule Facebook updates through Facebook and Hoot Suite.  Spending a few hours one day to create several weeks worth of updates can be useful.  Those updates can be scheduled so every day someone does not have to physically update the page.  Also, I have created a LinkedIn account and am learning the usefulness of the site.   I feel that being active on that site now may help me to find employment opportunities in the future.  So far, I have not done as much work with Twitter and would like more opportunities to learn more about that site as well.  Overall, I am learning the importance of social media in this technological based society and am gaining crucial experience to better help me find a job once I do graduate.  I am very pleased with this internship and am looking forward to learning a lot more about public relations and gaining even more important skills to add to my resume.


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