Is Your Company LinkedIn Yet? Comm 450

As social media is continuing to expand and grow, the possibilities for it almost seem endless.  As a business or company, why not take advantage of social media?  It is true that many companies are currently using Facebook and Twitter to help promote themselves and this can result in some serious benefits (as long as your company is using it appropriately).  But the possibilities do not end there!  A somewhat less popular and newer social media website has been developed, which is arguably more business-oriented than any other out there.  LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your business, connect with other professionals, and find new clients or colleagues.  Also, a basic profile is completely free and, depending on the level of seriousness or the number of benefits its provides, you can upgrade your profile to one of two levels with fees each month to get even more out of the site.  Currently, according to, 135 million people in over 200 countries are using LinkedIn and people are signing up to use the site at about 2 people per second!  As the world is changing and more and more people are using social media, recent statistics show that one in every six employees used social media to find their most recent job, which is over 22 million people using social media to find jobs.  Overall, LinkedIn allows a company or business to discover a person’s work history and to be able to find other professionals in the same field.


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