The Positive Effects of Video Games on Young Adults

Young adults playing games

As new technologies are developed and as video games continue to remain extremely popular, especially in youth and young adult culture, the effects of video games on those individuals is one of most interest.  More and more research is being devoted to this topic, but many researchers focus on the many negative effects that games have on young adults, such as increased aggression and drug use.  Although these effects are extremely important and should be studied, certain games, maybe even some of the more mature games, can have at least some positive influences on young adults.  One website devoted to young adult health tries to explore the many positive effects of video games:

  • Help to keep young adults entertained.  Overall, video games are just fun to play and is one way to spend leisure or free time.
  • Helps to improve hand-eye coordination.  Hand-eye coordination is not only a great skill to have for playing sports like baseball or basketball, but also for a lot of everyday activities like driving a bicycle or car.
  • Helps to improve eye-sight.  Certain fast paced games show some evidence for positive effects on player’s eye-sight. 
  • Helps to promote exercise and allows players to exercise.  Many game systems currently have interactive add ons to the system which allow players to move around and physically do actions that are recorded on the screen.  For example, the Wii has tennis, baseball, bowling, and many other sports that the player actually swings to hit a ball or other actions which simulate real actions.  Additionally, some systems offer dance or exercise games where the player tries to imitate someone on the screen and gets scored accordingly.
  • Helps to promote self-esteem.  Since video games are really a part of young adult culture, being successful at games can actually help players feel a sense of fitting in and appreciated.
  • Help to provide brain stimulation and players will develop better problem solving skills.  Educational games are a fun way to learn but most games require some mental capacity and problems will certainly arise. 
  • Help to promote communication with others in the room and new technologies allow gamers to connect with players all over the world!
A violent game

 As more and more research is devoted to the effects of video games, some positive effects can almost not be denied.  However, much research does support the fact that video games can have negative effects as well.  Being exposed to too much violence, drugs, or other negative things can really have an effect on players, even young adults. 


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