Production Quiz Comm 360

     After gaining the opportunity to work with class members to create, produce, and edit a fifteen minute round table discussion, I have realized many things.  I really enjoyed some aspects of the entire project, but others aspects were not as enjoyable.  To begin, I really enjoyed the organization of the whole project.  I am a very organized person and work best with an organization that fits me, because organization can come in many different forms.  Luckily, the producer of the show was very dependable and reliable.  He was able to allow everyone to participate by starting discussions and gave everyone clear direction as to jobs.  Thus, everyone was given the chance to basically participate where they wanted to but no one was left to do everything by themselves.  For instance, I was selected as host and although I finalized the script, almost everyone put something in to it.  Another aspect of the project I really enjoyed was just being given the opportunity to gain experience at something I could potentially  make a career out of.  Not only will I have an upper hand on other applicants in the future because of my resume reflecting my experience, but I will also be able to prove myself since I have the experience.  Finally, I also liked the fact that it was completely student run.  The professor must have had a lot respect and confidence in the class to step back and let the students take control.  We were able to gain experience contacting guests and dealing with all the problems that occur naturally in a studio production.
     Although there were many things I enjoyed about the project, there were some less than enjoyable times as well.  The biggest turn off for me was that not everyone in the group was as focused or determined as others.  This is a reoccurring problem when working in groups and I tried as much as possible to pull people back on topic, especially during brainstorming.  Even though the entire process did not go as smoothly as I would have preferred and some could have brought more to the table, I feel that the group really came together to produce an excellent broadcast.  Dealing with a diversity and individuality will be something I will face often in the future and it is best to determine the most appropriate ways to deal with the situation.  The only other part of the production that I really didn’t like was after we had finished shooting.  Because I wasn’t the editor, I felt that there really wasn’t much for me to do.  There wasn’t another show in the future to plan for and I also felt that there was too much time devoted to editing.  The show could have been edited in a couple of days instead of more than two weeks.  After we had commenced filming, only a few people actually  had something to do.  However, if I really had wanted to I could have probably been more involved in the editing process, especially because I have experience using Final Cut.  In the end, though, a few people took over the editing and I am excited to see the final product during our last class.


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