Writing Center Shoot Comm 360 Blog 3

     My studio production class was asked to design an advertisement for our school’s writing center.  The writing center is a place for students to meet with a tutor about a paper or essay.  We were given a script and asked to come up with an idea for shooting the advertisement and then to carry that idea out.  Because we were given a script but no real direction, we are able to use our creativity to make an excellent advertisement.  In addition, we are able to edit the script to fit the shoot if needed.  The script that was given to the class is set up so several different people will be speaking.  Basically, one person will began saying one line and another person will come in saying the second line and so on.  For example, the first person says, “Hello.” and the second person says, “Do you struggle with writing?” and the third person says, “Well, you’re not alone.”.  From there, the conversation continues and more and more information about the writing center is revealed.  Also, the script has a lot of repetitiveness to stress the most important aspects of the writing center.  For instance, the fact that it is free for students is highlighted several times in the script.  Overall, I think the script has a great direction but needs to be slightly tweaked.  Some of the repetitiveness is too much and actually distracts from the intent.  Saying it is free twice is enough to get the message across to the audience.  Additionally, the location of the writing center is said too many times and will distract viewers.  It should also only be said twice.  With the script being edited and the talent being actual tutors from the center, next, the shoot needs to be decided upon.
     My class came up with several different ideas for the actual shoot.  One was to shoot in front of a black background and use dramatic light to catch the viewers eye.  I found this idea to be acceptable, but someone mentioned that it might not be as upbeat as the script is and I completely agree.  Another idea was to shoot in front of a green screen and put a copy of an edited essay behind the speaker.  This was also an excellent idea.  However, the tutoring center focuses more on developing thought out ideas rather then marking up an essay and it may take away from the person speaking.  So, we were left with ideas but not a completely thought out plan.  Personally, I like the idea of using a white background.  It is like the black background in the sense that it is still plain and will not take away from the person speaking, but it is also bright and upbeat and flows with the script.  An excellent example of a successful commercial using a white background is the Mac vs. PC campaign.  Here is an example.

There entire campaign used commercials with two individuals having a conversation.  The commercials were successful and happen to be one of my favorite campaigns.  I genuinely enjoy the way the commercials look.  It is simple and the most important aspect that the viewers will focus on is the conversation between the individuals.  It has been said that sometimes less is more and in this case I would have to concur.

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