Learning Studio Jobs Comm 360 Blog 2

     Before going into the studio in my Studio Production class, I had a little amount of experience there.  Basically, I had done on-camera work, post-production editing, writing a script, and operating a teleprompter.  I had worked in these positions because I had made the decision to.  However, for this class, all students were given the opportunity to try any and every job in the studio.  To be honest, I was somewhat apprehensive about being thrown into situations that I had no experience doing.  I did not want to make mistakes or be embarrassed by my lack of experience.  Jobs were systematically assigned based on a number system and my first job was a camera operator.  I had very minimal experience operating a camera, but others in the class who had more experience were able to assist and teach me.  Now, I feel much more comfortable and confident while camera operating, but it was by no means my favorite position.  In addition to camera operator, I also was able to work with the audio, be on camera, and be a technical director.  In every situation I learned a lot and gained vital experience.  My very favorite job, though, was directing.

A Director’s Chair

     The director is in charge of communicating with the rest of the team via headset and calling the camera shots.  Essentially, the director is in charge of holding the team together, telling the camera operators their shots, and telling the technical director when to switch cameras.  Before I had a chance to direct, I decided that directing would not be something that I would enjoy doing or even be very good at doing.  I generally shy away from being in charge and telling others what to do.  However, once I put the headset on, I liked the fact that I could use my own style to direct the show.  I was able to look at the monitors and decide what shots looked best and which shots to use.  Personally, I like shots that have very little headroom.  Also, I was able to try new things too.  At one time, I used a close-up shot on an individual who talked for a longer amount of time.  Overall, I realized my personal style for directing.
     Because this was my first experience in directing, I was far from perfect.  In particular, I need to become better at watching the conversation and determining who is going to speak next so the transitions between shots are smoother and more appropriate.  I also feel that I can improve by being more vocal about the exact shots I want.  I am very pleased that I was able to experience so many different roles in the studio.  I found that some jobs are much more exciting and enjoyable and other jobs are not for me.  I look forward for more opportunities to direct to become better and try other jobs as well.


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