Relay for Life Project

     For the final in my Advertising and Imagery class, we were split into four groups: Video, Audio, PR, and Print, and asked to produce a campaign for next year’s Relay for Life at Shepherd University.  This included coming up with three separate themes and slogans.  Those themes are, pirate theme, super hero theme, and Rockin’ Relay theme.  Then, the individual groups went to work, thinking of useful ways to promote each theme appropriately.  I was placed in the PR group.  In other words, it was my group’s job to think of advertising techniques and promotional and fundraising events involving each theme.  Overall, the PR group successfully came up with several entertaining events for each theme.  For example, a treasure hunt activity for the pirate theme, silly string shooting contest for the super hero theme, and a 50’s hair contest for the Rockin’ Relay theme.
    Although many fun and interesting things can be done with each theme, the main purpose of each group was to effectively get the campus and community involved in such a good cause.  PSA’s, or Public Service Advertisements  are excellent ways to do this.  One article titled Public Service Advertising explains that PSA’s are designed to encourage the members of a community to take positive actions to better the community.  According to the article, the mass media is the best way to get this done.  Although the PR group did not deal much with the mass media directly, its the mass media’s job to get the word out to the community about the Relay for Life events.  This can be done through the other groups, Print, Video, and Audio.  Also, many of the advertising techniques will have to be done through the mass media.
     Overall, I do believe that the work the PR group put forth can be very helpful for next year’s Relay for Life.  All of the events and advertising strategies are feasible and do not require an excessive amount of effort.  The biggest change I would try to make would be to motivate myself and the other members of the group more.  Although everyone had great ideas and had the potential to work well together, some lacked motivation and/or desire.  However, I do believe that the work we did is excellent and hopefully will be helpful for next year’s Relay for Life.  


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