Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an attempt to question society’s beliefs about beauty.  With so many different images thrown at individuals today, it is easy to forget that no one actually looks like so many ads portray.  However, Dove decided to try to improve women’s overall self esteem and self image being using ads that show a portrayal of more realistic looking women.  They did this by using women of different ages, races, sizes, and body types.  These ads encourage women to embrace and celebrate themselves, without buying into using different products to make them look a certain way.  Dove suggests that all women are beautiful, just the way they are.
I really am supportive of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.  Although there is some controversy surrounding these ads and Dove may just be promoting “real beauty” for the financial benefits, I believe it could potentially be a successful way to improve society’s opinions about women.  For me, it does not matter the reasons behind the campaign; the results are more important.  Below is an example of one ad released by Dove. 

In this ad, the smile of the face of the women is a sign.  The smile is the signifier while it signifies happiness and comfortableness.  A smile is universal and also signifies a sense of welcome and content.  Overall, this ad sends a very powerful message to viewers.  Even though the women is somewhat older, she is still beautiful.  Dove advocates that it is not anti-age, but pro-age.


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