Changes to the Gotcha! Ad Campaign

Girl Phone Ad
Unisex Phone Ad
Boy Phone Ad 

 For the Gotcha! ad campaign, my partner, Hannah,  and I tried to capture the uniqueness and style of the targeted age group, tweens or ages 9-12.  Using vibrant colors and interesting pictures and fonts were some of the strategies we used to try to capture this.  We tried to keep as much consistency as we could.  However, there is always room for improvement.  Out of the three ads shown here, the one that is in need of the most improvement is the boy’s ad.  I personally think the unisex ad is the strongest and the girl’s ad comes in second.
To begin, the boy’s ad can be improved by using a brighter, more interesting background.  The other two ads have very definite and noticeable backgrounds, while the boy’s ad is simply white and blue.  In addition, the picture can be improved.  It is a very interesting action shot of a quarterback handing off the ball to a running back.  First, the pictures in the ad campaign need to have some sort of cohesiveness.  Because I like the idea of black and white pictures, especially with bright, vibrant backgrounds, the picture should be in black and white, similar to the girl’s ad.  It may also be a good idea to use a picture that is more silhouetted, like the three girls in the girl’s ad or the hands in the unisex ad.  Overall, the ad campaign is somewhat consistent, but could definitely use some work, specifically the boy’s ad.    


2 thoughts on “Changes to the Gotcha! Ad Campaign

  1. The boy's ad could use a rainbow like affect, but with blues and greens to make it pop more. The girl ad could use a different picture, one that is in color and it could be placed at the bottom of the page so you don't have that cut off look to it, or you could also see if there was a way to crop it so it looks less harsh with the edges. I think you two had a great concept behind your ads because you played up the phone's features that are appealing to the tween age public.

  2. I think what threw me off about the ads the most was the amount of text used on each. Normally ads keep things sort of simple and leave you guessing until you look up more information.That aside, I think the first image was actually the strongest in spite of being in B&W. If I were a preteen girl I think I'd really relate to that group of friends and want whatever phone they were using! 😀

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