Gender in Music Videos

After watching the video in class yesterday about women’s sexuality and roles in music videos, I immediately remembered a popular music video from several years ago, Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. This video portrays three females who present themselves as too much for a male to handle.  Apparently, their bodies and sexualities are just too much for any male.  Throughout this video told from the female perspective, the females dance sexually while wearing revealing clothing.  However, it is unusual that the males in the video are also portrayed wearing little clothing and dancing sexually.  Overall, the women seem to be trying to empower themselves by having a dominant and independent role.  They actually try to use their sexuality to their advantage and to take control.  On the other hand, it can be suggested that by exposing themselves, the women are actually losing any control or power.  Basically, this video is different than many others discussed in the class video.  Instead of the women being submissive and willing sex machines, the men are portrayed dancing sexually and the women try to gain power and control.  Enjoy the video and catchy song!

Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child

One thought on “Gender in Music Videos

  1. Disclaimer: I love Beyonce. I like that within the video they include people that don't necessarily fit perfect body stereotypes. There are some heavier women, some feminine men and others. Although the main focus is certainly the sexuality of the singers.Your blogs are looking good! You can improve by hyperlinking within your text. Keep up the good work!

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