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Photo by: mukund76 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of Nike.  Although they make many different products, I really only buy their tennis shoes.  Shoes are very important to me and, because I wear children’s shoes, finding a nice pair of shoes can be difficult. Therefore, when I started buying my tennis shoes from Nike I was very pleased.  Not only is the quality of the shoes high, the styles, even children’s styles, are great as well.  
When considering the reasons why I have always been interested in the Nike brand, I realized it was a result of the many ads I viewed as a child.  The catchy slogan, “Just do it” and check mark symbol are associated with the brand.  In addition, their ads are generally colorful and/or intriguing.  For example, the ad in the picture states, “Yesterday you said tomorrow.”  This phrase challenges viewers of the ad to be proactive and productive, something that does not necessarily benefit the company, but rather the consumers.  This ad is more intriguing, not colorful or eye-catching.  This ad can be viewed from two different perspectives.  The first is the viewers who are familiar with Nike.  For them, Nike is using their name to encourage and motivate people.  On the other hand, the viewers who are unfamiliar with the brand may like the message and therefore be interested in the brand.
Personally, the most intriguing and interesting aspect of any Nike ad is the slogan, “Just do it.”  I often wondered, “What is it?” and “Why should I be doing it?”  Once I matured, I understood that “it” may not have one universal, concrete definition.  In fact, because such a variety of people buy and use Nike products, it would be impossible for the slogan to have one definition.  For example, for the athlete or trainer, possibly Nike’s biggest target, “Just do it” may refer to a sport or training.  For someone who is not an athlete but wears Nike products, the slogan may mean something entirely different.  However, the actual individual meanings of the slogan is not what is important.  The reason I like Nike ads is that they encourage individuals to do something, whatever that something may be.


4 thoughts on “Comm 406 Ad Campaign Blog

  1. I agree with you about the message in the Nike ad's! That's one thing I really like about Nike, because while the product might hold particular meaning to athletes, it's also just a form of encouragement for people and inspiration. I also like how simple and sleek their look is. Nice choice!

  2. While Nike does seem stylish, I look at the term "Just do it" as an encouraging term. The term makes me feel as if I where Nike's products, nothing could get in my way and any obstacle could be faced without hesitation. In addition, I think Nike's advertisment techniques are very effective because of the target advertising to children. It's ads really sticks with you when you grow up.

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