Comm 203 Academic Major Blog

When entering into college, one of the most important and key points in anyone’s journey is to choose a major.  Choosing a major determines the classes one takes and ultimately the career one has after college.  Therefore, it is very important for someone to take an adequate amount of time to really think about all of the many options a college has to offer and decide which one may best fit them.  Personally, I decided early on in high school that I wanted to major in Mass Communications.  Although I did not know exactly how I was going to use this major in my future, I had many ideas and concluded that once I became involved in the Mass Communications program at Shepherd University, I would find my perfect place in the field.  Fortunately, I believe I have.  I am also interested in psychology and realized that Public Relations may be a good place for me to investigate and find a career.   

Overall, Mass Communications has many benefits and reasons for choosing it as a major.  To begin, the field is continually changing, but also continually growing.  Although some aspects of the field are becoming extinct and obsolete, new and different technologies allow for new and different jobs and opportunities.  Another reason to major in Mass Communications is the variety of job opportunities.  There are so many different jobs involving Mass Communications.  For example, jobs such as journalism, public relations, advertising, filmmaking, and many others are included in this major.  It is a good starting point if, like me, one is not totally sure about future possibilities.  In addition, there is room for growth and advancement in many of these jobs.  One may not start off at the top, but with dedication and work, it is possible to advance.  Mass Communications may not be right for everybody, but it is a good place to explore for people with a variety of interests.         
There are a great variety of classes offered at Shepherd University in the Mass Communications major.  Since I have only just begun my journey on this path, I have not really gotten a chance to explore or take too many of these classes.  I have taken a Speech class and a Voice and Diction class and I am currently in the Introductory to Communications and New Media class.  Other classes include History of Film, Narrative Scriptwriting, Organizational Communications, Music Video, Advertising and Imagery, Media Law and Ethics, Computer Mediated Communications, Motion Graphics, and many others.
Ultimately, I hope to gain out of the Mass Communications program the experiences and knowledge to start a job I love. I desire more than just a degree in the field; I want the tools to do something with the degree.  Hopefully, at some point in the near future, I will be able to start a job that I like and eventually advance that career to the perfect job because of my foundation in the Mass Communications department at Shepherd University.  With determination and drive, I feel like this is a very realistic possibility for me.  I am excited to see where my future goes!   

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