Comm 203 VALS Survey Blog

After taking the VALS survey, my primary result was experiencer and my secondary result was innovator. The primary classification is one’s predominant approach to life, while the secondary classification is an emphasis put on the primary approach.  The VALS survey attempts to understand more about consumerism.  According to the Strategic Business Insights website, an experiencer’s main means of motivation is through self-expression.  They can become very excited and be hasty about consuming.  On the other hand, experiencers can be fast to back off of items too.  Additionally, they desire change and excitement and things that are new, different, and chancy.  Experiencers can find enjoyment in outdoor recreation and leisure activities and social functions.  Overall, experiencers tend to be devoted consumers, spending much of their income on their interests, such as fashion and social events.  Aesthetics and contemporariness are two very important concepts to experiencers.  I feel that does a rather good job of summing up my consumer tendencies.  I love to shop and receive joy whenever I’m in a mall and must admit that I can be somewhat of an impulsive buyer.  Although there are specific items I really enjoy shopping for, any shopping always puts me in a good mood.  Fortunately, I have never really regretted making any purchases but have been known to make some rash decisions.  Additionally, I love fashion and put much time and effort into being, at least in my own sense, fashionable.  However, I do enjoy new and different or offbeat things.  Generally, I probably spend too much money on shopping and entertainment.     
Furthermore, innovators typically are prosperous, mature and have high self-esteem.  They are natural born leaders and like new ideas.  They are generally aggressive consumers and buy things according to their cultured tastes.  Expression and independence are important to innovators.  They live lives filled with challenge and variety.  Although I am still young and live at home, I feel like this secondary type fits me.  Considering that I am a college student straight out of high school, I have not really had the amount of experiences that someone older has had.  I consider myself successful and have high hopes for my future.  I am very driven and know what I want for myself.  Again, I am an avid consumer and tend to spend a lot of money on certain items.  For example, I have a fascination with sunglasses and think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on a nice pair.  Although I do not need to spend so much money on sunglasses, I have worked for the past several years of my life and because of that have the ability to spend it.  I may not be established yet, but I have a reliable source of income.  I have always earned my money and have an appreciation for it; however, I enjoy spending it.  Whether I am buying clothes, shoes, electronics, or jewelry, I feel like it is my right because I earned that money.  I suppose my logic has always been that money is not useful unless it is spent on something.  And although it may not appear so, I am very good at managing my money incase of an emergency.  I like spending, but understand the importance of investing as well.  I do not want to find myself high and dry one day wondering what happened to all of my money.  Overall, I would agree that the primary type of experiencer and the secondary type of innovator does a fairly good job of describing my consumer tendencies.


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